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CSI: Seattle

GEN ST 162

In this laboratory-based course, you will learn a variety of crime scene investigation techniques. You will apply cutting-edge analytical chemistry and molecular techniques in the lab and learn how these techniques are used in real criminal cases. We will explore the history of forensic science from a variety of perspectives and learn how interpretation of the science can be leveraged and misconstrued in the courtroom. This course will teach you how to interpret forensics results accurately as you become an expert in crime scene investigation. This course is perfect for students considering careers in scientific research, forensics or the law.

Course Curriculum and Features

Students operate as forensic scientists, utilizing a variety of trace evidence analyses — including fingerprinting, blood typing, and gas and liquid chromatography — to identify and track down individuals from materials left at the scene of the crime. These exercises illustrate the power and pitfalls of chemical forensics and help you understand the statistical basis for deciding guilt or innocence.

Note: A laptop is required to participate in this course. Rentals are available through the Student Tech Loan Program to students who have registered for autumn quarter.

Designed For

Those considering careers in biology research, forensics or the law; a working knowledge of the biology and chemistry of DNA is helpful but not required.


Brook Nunn
Research Assistant Professor, Department of Genome Sciences

Dates & Times

Aug 25–Sep 18, 2020

UW Seattle
9:30 a.m.–12 p.m.