Experiencing the Arts

ARTS 150

Is there anything different about how artists see the world? This seminar proposes that the creative process begins with heightened perception. Seeing — as well as listening — is a skill that can be developed. The more you develop it, the more interesting, inspiring and fun the everyday world gets. What better way to meet Seattle and the UW than actively investigating your new environs through the eyes of an artist? For this course, that artist is you, whether you already consider yourself one or not.

Course Curriculum and Features

You’ll develop and practice a vocabulary of perception, meet Seattle-based artists in the fields of dance, music, film, theater and visual art, and make field trips to Seattle cultural venues. Finally, we’ll experiment with processes in our studio that lead to the creation of new art, whether visual, aural or performative. While no artistic experience is required, this course is participatory: some learning happens in discussion, and some on our feet.

Designed For

Those interested in the visual and performing arts and in getting to know Seattle’s cultural offerings. This course welcomes students in any discipline who want to discover new tools with which to pursue what interests them, with an eye to creating something new.


Jeffrey Frace
Associate Professor, School of Drama

Dates & Times

Aug 21–Sep 14, 2018

UW Seattle
9:30 a.m.–12 p.m.