Laws of Sex: Exploring Legal Issues About Sex, Gender & Sexuality

GEN ST 161; HONORS 231

The media is filled with a perfect storm of controversial issues that have legal aspects. Our legal system resolves disputes and regulates behavior. But as times change, the legal system must address new understandings of laws regarding sex (the physical body and actions), gender (how the individual perceives themselves and is perceived by others) and sexuality (who we are attracted to and the expression of our sexual feelings). In this course you’ll learn to analyze and critique these laws, to expand your critical thinking from a variety of viewpoints, and to demonstrate your understanding through short response essays and in-class presentations.

Course Curriculum and Features

We’ll examine sexual behavior regulations, anti-discrimination laws, transgendered or intersex issues, sex trafficking, same-sex marriage, pornography and free speech, and reproductive and parental rights.

Designed For

Those interested in American studies, English, history, law, social sciences or women’s/gender/queer studies.


Theodore Myhre
Senior Lecturer, School of Law

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Dates & Times

Aug 22–Sep 15, 2017

UW Seattle
9:30 a.m.–12 p.m.