Neurobiology of Critical Thinking: What Is Perception?

GEN ST 162

Every individual has a unique sense of reality, one which incorporates a constantly changing mix of perception of the physical world, abstract information transmitted through social interactions and media, spontaneous thoughts, and emotions. These experiences are shaped into a cohesive whole through an individual’s own neural mechanisms and experience. For better or worse, many psychological and sociological phenomena that shape our reality can be explained on the basis of neural structure and function.

Course Curriculum and Features

In this course, you’ll learn about the brain, get an introduction to neuroscience research, and build college-level study skills. We’ll use a variety of active learning formats, including formal presentations, seminar discussions, and field trips to local exhibits and research facilities. You’ll experience hands-on demonstrations, work with real data sets, and conduct an active, in-depth exploration of a specific topic.

Designed For

Those with an interest in the brain and the subjects of neurobiology, psychology, sociology and philosophy, as well as anyone who wants an orientation to scholarly research resources at the UW.


Ellen Covey
Professor, Department of Psychology

Dates & Times

Aug 21–Sep 14, 2018

UW Seattle
9:30 a.m.–12 p.m.