Sustainable Energy Solutions for the 21st Century: Science, Technology & Policy

E E 299

Humans are addicted to fossil fuels, and it’s not sustainable. How do we address this challenge? There’s no shortage of suggested solutions, from consumers buying “green” products to government and industry efforts to promote smart grids, wind and solar power and hybrid autos. But do these measures really fulfill our obligation to do something about climate change? We need a more comprehensive plan, one that adds up.

In this course, you’ll become an informed citizen who is prepared to contribute to the energy debate. We’ll explore regional and global energy demand and consider energy sources, policy and current and future technologies. You’ll scrutinize the costs of sustainable energy production, study how sustainability impacts climate and the environment, and investigate solutions to our energy problems.

Course Curriculum and Features

Through collaborative discussion, group projects and field trips, you’ll analyze the challenges, fundamental limits and potential solutions for meeting our energy needs sustainably. The class text, Sustainable Energy — Without the Hot Air, can be downloaded for free.

Designed For

Those interested in sustainability solutions and students who intend to pursue studies in business, humanities, sciences or engineering.


Payman Arabshahi
Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering

Dates & Times

Aug 21–Sep 14, 2018

UW Seattle
9:30 a.m.–12 p.m.