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Early Fall Start

Essentials of College Communication

ENGL 104 G

Discover how to take effective notes, give clear presentations and oral reports, and participate in important class discussions. Practice asking engaging questions, sharing opinions and arguing your point persuasively in the classroom.

Course Curriculum and Features

This course will help you improve your ability to participate in university course lectures and class discussions. You'll respond to lectures, participate in and lead class discussions, and deliver short oral reports.

Designed For

Non-native English speakers who want to build confidence and develop key skills necessary for effective communication in a university classroom.


Each section of the course is taught by an experienced International & English Language Programs writing instructor. The instructor will vary depending on the course section.

Dates and Times (Pacific Time)

Aug 25–Sep 16, 2022

UW Seattle
9:30 a.m.–12 p.m.