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Early Fall Start

Essentials of College Reading & Writing

ENGL 102 H

To succeed in college, you must be able to read and write at the university level. These academic language skills are the building blocks of everything you will do in your classes, from understanding reading assignments to writing papers and taking written exams.

Course Curriculum and Features

In this course, you’ll develop and practice the reading, writing and critical thinking strategies needed for analyzing and responding to academic texts. Learn how to organize and write clear and persuasive academic essays. You’ll strengthen your grammar, editing and vocabulary skills to improve accuracy and fluency in your reading and writing, and ready yourself for more advanced types of college writing.

Designed For

Non-native English speakers who want to build confidence and develop key academic reading, writing and communication strategies for college-level study.


Each section of the course is taught by an experienced International & English Language Programs writing instructor. The instructor will vary depending on the course section.

Dates and Times (Pacific Time)

Aug 25–Sep 16, 2022

UW Seattle
9:30 a.m.–12 p.m.