students in dorm roomAs an Early Fall Start student you are eligible to live in UW campus housing while taking your course, whether or not you plan to live on campus during the school year. Living in campus housing is not required.

If you plan to live in a fraternity or sorority during autumn quarter, you may still live on campus during Early Fall Start.

Early Fall Start housing and dining costs are separate from the course fee. The housing application deadlines are different — and earlier — than the course registration deadlines. Housing dates do not exactly mirror program dates. If you will not continue in on-campus housing or are moving to a different room for autumn quarter, you will move before EFS classes end.  

See the Early Fall Start Housing Guide for information about housing options, dates and rates.


If you live in a UW residence hall, you are required to have a dining account. The account options are detailed in the Early Fall Start Housing Guide.

There are many options for meals at the UW, both on and off campus. UW Dining offers a wide variety of different restaurants and markets that accept cash and UW Dining Account cards.