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For the health and safety of our students and community, Early Fall Start 2021 will be offered exclusively through remote learning.

For more information, see Why Attend Early Fall Start Online.

Why Attend Early Fall Start Online

Early Fall Start is a unique program that helps you jump-start your college career. Not only are your instructors experts in their fields, but they also have deftly tailored their courses to create engaging and memorable online learning experiences. And the remote format makes it easy to participate no matter where you are. 

"When I signed up for EFS, I had no idea what to expect with the online format. However, the combination of an engaging professor, a close group of peers and thought-provoking material made EFS an invaluable experience."

Melissa Mitchell
Early Fall Start Student

Your Professors Love Teaching Early Fall Start Courses

Did you know that Early Fall Start professors have to apply to teach their courses? That means your instructors are passionate about the courses they're teaching and have specially designed the class for the Early Fall Start format. 

These unique courses are only offered during Early Fall Start, and some cover material that is not normally available to undergraduate students.

Professor Theo Myhre shares why he loves teaching Early Fall Start courses and is excited to welcomes back students to his course this fall. 

Small Class Sizes Allows You to Connect with Faculty and Peers

With classes limited to no more than 25 students, Early Fall Start is a special way to meet a small group of new first-year students like you. Build lasting friendships as you bond over similar interests and learn about interesting topics. The online, small-class environment also provides you with the opportunity to get to know top faculty and experienced instructors while collaborating and interacting in class.

"I was worried about EFS being in an online format, but it was an amazing start to my college experience. It allowed me to ease into the college workload in a small-class setting." 

Ellie Bieler
Early Fall Start Student

Get Ahead on Credits

Give your academic career an early boost by earning five credits toward autumn quarter. By completing a course before the school year officially starts, you’ll be able to take a lighter load of classes in the fall and ease your way into college with greater confidence. With a broad range of courses available, Early Fall Start allows you to dive into something new, improve your writing or English skills, or sample a subject you might be considering for a major.

Learn How to Be a Successful College Student

You’ll discover what to expect in terms of classwork, get comfortable with tools such as Zoom and Canvas, and discover how to interact with your instructors and classmates.

"I am very glad that I have learned to socialize over Zoom. I can navigate Canvas, feel comfortable in a remote learning environment and be responsible for my own learning. I feel ready and excited for all that college has in store for me."

Vinh Wong
Early Fall Start Student