Can’t wait to get started? Early Fall Start allows incoming first-year students to enroll in an intensive UW course and begin their college experience about a month before the regular school year begins.

Early Fall Start is a unique opportunity — to make friends, to take a special course not offered during the school year, and to learn what college life is all about.

Launch Yourself at the UW

studentsIt’s natural to be a little nervous about making the transition to college. You might be wondering what to expect in terms of classwork, or how you’ll make new friends, or even the best place to grab a cup of coffee.

Early Fall Start allows you to ease your way into life at the UW. You’ll take one course, connecting with the professor and other students in a smaller class. You’ll also have a chance to explore campus and take in the Seattle sights. By the time autumn quarter begins, you’ll be adjusted to school and ahead of the game.

Enjoy a Great Class (and Get Credit for It)

Early Fall Start lets you get used to college-level work by taking a single class before autumn quarter arrives. And you’ll earn credit, which means you can take a lighter load in your first quarter if you choose.

 All Early Fall Start courses are:

  • Four weeks in length
  • Taught by regular UW faculty and instructors
  • Limited to 25 students or less, in most cases
  • Worth 5 credits 

Note that all courses require full participation and the same amount of academic work as any other UW course. In general, each course requires about 10 hours of homework each week.

Learn more about courses and about credits and grades.

International Students

First-year international students are eligible to take any Early Fall Start course they want. One option is to take a class that counts toward satisfying the UW English language proficiency requirement. See the International Students page for details.

How to Get Started

Early Fall Start registration, costs and housing policies are different from the regular academic year. See the Registration & Costs page and the Housing page for more information.

The University of Washington is fully committed to equal opportunity, diversity and access and inclusion.