Discovery Seminars

Early Fall Start Discovery Seminars are full UW courses led by top faculty and experienced instructors. The small-class environment promotes instructor and student interaction and collaborative learning.

There are Discovery Seminars devoted to all kinds of thought-provoking subjects in different aspects of the arts and sciences. Click on a course title to see a complete description and schedule information.

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Course Title Department & Course NO. Status
A Quantum Odyssey With the Large Hadron Collider PHYS 248 Closed View
Alternative Approaches to Art: Exploring Seattle ART 131 Closed View
The Biology of Human Consciousness NEUSCI 198 Closed View
Building the Brain: Developmental Neurobiology BIOL 110 Closed View
Connection & Consciousness in the Digital Age PSYCH 222 Canceled View
CSI: Seattle GEN ST 162 Closed View
Diversity is Coming: Medieval Societies Beyond Game of Thrones GEN ST 160 Waitlist View
Drones & Unmanned Aerial Systems A A 198 Canceled View
Experiencing the Arts ARTS 150 Closed View
Fetal Origins of Adult Diseases: A Public Health Perspective GEN ST 162 Closed View
Game Design for Problem-Solving With Python CSE 190 Closed View
How to Be a Person CMS 274 Closed View
Law & the Regulation of Sex, Gender & Sexuality GEN ST 161 Closed View
Listening GEN ST 160 Closed View
Modernity through Japanese Film & Fiction ASIAN 205 Waitlist View
Numbers & Reasons STAT 100 Closed View
Out of This World: Writing About Science Fiction C LIT 240 Closed View
Peeping Toms & Big Brothers: The Art of Surveillance DXARTS 198 Closed View
Putting Science in the Social Sciences ARCHY 269 Closed View
Secret Codes & Online Security GEN ST 162 Closed View
Sensory Worlds & Behavior of Animals PSYCH 200 Closed View
STEM(M) in the Ancient World: Computers, Robots, Nanotechnology & Death Rays CLAS 314 Closed View
Sustainable Energy Solutions for the 21st Century: Science, Technology & Policy E E 299 Closed View
Telling Stories With Data GEN ST 161 Waitlist View
The Text and the Machine: Philosophy & Technology in Latin American Literature SPAN 329 Open View
Writing Ready, Learning Ready: Preparing for Success at a Global University ENGL 108 Open View