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Early Fall Start

Discovery Seminars

Early Fall Start Discovery Seminars are full UW courses led by top faculty and experienced instructors. The small-class environment promotes instructor and student interaction and collaborative learning.

There are Discovery Seminars devoted to all kinds of thought-provoking subjects in different aspects of the arts and sciences. Click on a course title to see a complete description and schedule information.


Featured Course
In Revolution!, you’ll explore how works of art — paintings, plays, novels — shape our expectations of how revolutions should play out.

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Course Title Department & Course NO. Status
Alternative Approaches to Art & Design ART 131 Waitlist View
Beginning Drawing: Learning the Fundamentals in Drawing Practice ART 190 Open View
Civil Rights & Equity: Understanding Race, Gender, Sexuality & Law GEN ST 161 Closed View
Design Fiction & Creative Readings of Latin American Identities SPAN 294 Open View
Diversity Is Coming: Medieval Societies Beyond Game of Thrones GEN ST 160 Open View
Experiencing the Arts ARTS 150 Open View
Exploring Quantum Universe With Artificial Intelligence PHYS 248 Open View
Fetal Origins of Adult Diseases: A Public Health Perspective GEN ST 162 Open View
Food! GEN ST 160 Open View
Game Design for Problem-Solving With Python CSE 190 Open View
How to Be a Person CMS 297 Open View
Human & Post-Human: Writing About Science Fiction C LIT 240 Open View
Is This Land Made for You & Me? Stories About Indigeneity, Immigration & Belonging CHID 250 Open View
Meanings of Life: Literature, Cinema & Philosophy GEN ST 160 Open View
Modernity Through Japanese Film & Fiction ASIAN 205 Open View
Numbers & Reasons STAT 100 Open View
Peeping Toms & Big Brothers: The Art of Surveillance DXARTS 198 Open View
Revolution! C LIT 251 Open View
Secret Codes & Online Security GEN ST 162 Open View
Sensory Worlds & Behavior of Animals PSYCH 200 Waitlist View
STEM in the Ancient World: Computers, Robots, Nanotechnology & Death Rays CLAS 314 Open View
Sustainable Energy Solutions for the 21st Century: Science, Technology & Policy E E 299 Waitlist View
The Impact of Food on Our Brain & Behavior GEN ST 162 Closed View
This Is Your Brain on Drugs BIOL 100 Waitlist View