This course list is for Early Fall Start 2018. Check back in the spring for details about 2019 courses.

Discovery Seminars

Early Fall Start Discovery Seminars are full UW courses led by top faculty and experienced instructors. The small-class environment promotes instructor and student interaction and collaborative learning.

There are Discovery Seminars devoted to all kinds of thought-provoking subjects in different aspects of the arts and sciences. Click on a course title to see a complete description and schedule information.

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Course Title Department & Course NO. Status
A Quantum Odyssey With the Large Hadron Collider PHYS 248 Closed View
The Biology of Human Consciousness GEN ST 162 Closed View
Boogie, Break, Blues: (African) American Popular Dance History DANCE 234 Canceled View
Building the Brain: Developmental Neurobiology BIOL 110 Closed View
Connection & Consciousness in the Digital Age PSYCH 222 Closed View
CSI: Seattle GEN ST 162 Closed View
Drones & Unmanned Aerial Systems A A 198 Closed View
Experiencing the Arts ARTS 150 Closed View
Fetal Origins of Adult Diseases: A Public Health Perspective GEN ST 162 Closed View
Flight & Space Exploration A A 198 Canceled View
Food: Impacts on Our Brain & Behavior GEN ST 162 Closed View
Game Design for Problem-Solving With Python CSE 190 Closed View
How to Be a Person CMS 274 Closed View
Indistinguishable From Magic: New Technologies, Science Fiction & Us E E 299 Closed View
Japan & the Global Modern ASIAN 205 Closed View
Kids, Crime & Race: Juvenile Justice in America LSJ 490 Closed View
Law & the Regulation of Sex, Gender & Sexuality GEN ST 161 Closed View
Listening GEN ST 160 Closed View
Neurobiology of Critical Thinking: What Is Perception? GEN ST 162 Closed View
Numbers & Reasons STAT 100 Closed View
Out of This World: Writing About Science Fiction C LIT 240 Closed View
Peeping Toms & Big Brothers: The Art of Surveillance DXARTS 198 Closed View
Secret Codes & Online Security GEN ST 162 Closed View
Sensory Worlds & Behavior of Animals PSYCH 200 Closed View
STEM(M) in the Ancient World: Computers, Robots, Neuroscience & Death Rays CLAS 314 Closed View
Sustainable Energy Solutions for the 21st Century: Science, Technology & Policy E E 299 Closed View
This Is Your Brain on Drugs BIOL 110 Canceled View
Travel Writing for Travelers (Not Tourists) ENGL 281 Closed View
Why We Make: Art in the World Today GEN ST 160 Closed View
Writing Ready, Learning Ready: Preparing for Success at a Global University ENGL 108 Closed View